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What to expect

What to expect at your consultation

What to expect

What to expect

You will first meet Mr Kasbekar for a talk in the consulting room of the outpatient department. The room has a desk, comfortable chairs and an examination couch. Your Consultant will discuss your medical history and symptoms with you. He will then perform a thorough examination with state of the art equipment and may suggest further tests to confirm his diagnosis. Mr Kasbekar will put this all together and then talk to you about the best form of treatment for you and, if required, the variety of procedures available, any risks involved, and the type of anaesthetic to be used. You may get some written information about your condition to take away and read.

If scans are requested, these can be arranged often within 48 hours.

A letter about your consultation is usually sent to your GP (with your permission) and also to you. If there are any questions that you have after the consultation, Mr Kasbekar is always happy to answer them.

Follow up appointments are arranged if required. Mr Kasbekar aims to finish treatment as quickly as possible in the interests of the patient without several appointments.

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